Pidato Presiden
Bali, Rabu, 27 Maret 2013
My fellow Co-Chair, President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf,Distinguished members of the Panel,Representatives from civil society, academia, youth as well as the private sector,Distinguished guests, Ladies and gentlemen,
At the outset, I would like to welcome you all to Bali. It is an honor for Indonesia to host the fourth meeting of the High-Level Panel.
I am also pleased that our meeting today benefit from a series of preceding discussions in this very island. I appreciate very much the dedications of the various stakeholders to deliberate on various relevant issues to our Agenda. For this, I wish to thank all the stakeholders for sharing the visions, enthusiasm, and aspiration of the Co-Chairs and members of the Panel. I am confident that your inputs will further enrich the works of the Panel. 
We all share a vision on the urgency to eradicate poverty in all its forms in our time. We must strive to improve the welfare of our peoples, and create a better world through a just and inclusive development for all. This is not exclusively for our generation, but also for the generations of our children and grand-children.
And we all also share a common enthusiasm to form a true global anti-poverty alliance. To combat global poverty, we need to establish the right framework for a new development path. And to achieve this, we need to pool our resources and empower the poor. 
My Fellow Co-Chair, Distinguished members of the Panel, After our three meetings, in New York, London, and Monrovia, we have been able to agree on many important elements of the new development agenda.
We agree that the ultimate objective of the new agenda is to end poverty. And critical to this objective is ensuring the basic needs of individuals at the household level. These basic needs include, among others, health services, education, food, energy, clean water, and housing. 
Therefore, our approach to the agenda should emphasise on inclusive growth, equity, environmetal protection, peace, security, justice, and freedom.
We also agree that sustaining prosperity needs more than just economic growth. We need both economic and social transformation that empowers people to lift themselves out of poverty. And through the role of government, we need to develop the national building blocks that sustain prosperity. These building blocks include, among others, job creation, increased productivity, improved competitiveness, new technology and innovation, infra-structure development, and stronger domestic institutions.
We believe that this transformation should involve sustainable growth with equity, transparent management of natural resources, and private sector’s active contribution. It should also include new development partnerships—a subject that becomes the central theme of this Bali meeting.
Excellency,Distinguished members of the Panel,We have a full day ahead of us to discuss the global aspects of the new development agenda. We should reflect on global partnerships and means of implementation, including cooperation and Financeing for development. 
Our discussions should also touch on the revitalization of global governance through coherent and effective coordination. 
Moreover, we should exchange views on the priorities for the global development agenda. And on the policies and strategies that the international community should adopt in response to global challenges.
I have every confidence that today, we will be able to shape our common understanding on pertinent points under the theme.
This is essential to ensure the progress in the finalization of the Post-2015 Development Agenda, and in particular our first draft outcome document. 
Despite the time spent for our discussions is relatively short, yet, I am confident that the results will not be short-lived—they will define and decide the fate of our future generations.
Thank you.


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