WSIS + 10 boost cross sectoral ICT application

Today WSIS unveils new approach on ICT application around the globe, here in nice summer city Geneva. Hamadan Toure, the Secretary General of ITU open the main opening ceremony, while Mr. Ban Ki Moon can not make it to Geneva. The new approach is by adding another 10 vision and policy statements in addition to the existing which ITU has had in Geneva (2003) and Tunis (2005). Now it becomes the WSIS+10.


A series of welcoming speeches remarked the event. So many to speak, but so little time left. Representative from various international organization put their views on the table. Ranging from WHO for health, UPU for postal services, also from the World Bank and UNEP and teens of other organizations.

To highlight, the world is now under the same understanding that ICT is getting more and more cross sectoral issues and it is no longer treated solely as infrastructure.

After the ceremony of WSIS Project Prizes and lunch break, the meeting continued to have a lesson learned from various countries by listening on each of their respective policy statements.

Brazil and Greece views ICT as a critical tools to improve their economy. Brazil welcome to host the next WSIS meeting in Sao Paolo.

Ministry of Telecomm and Mass Communications of Russia, Mr. Rashid Ismailov, declared that his country has connected all part of his nation with ICT. He emphasizes that Russia is also fulfilled their task to contribute into all of UN agencies to provide ICT application in place.

Khedija Gharianim, as SG of AICTO, delivers her speech about the vision that Arab country has developed. Arab country focused on one of the common problems in their areas, employment. By putting ICT in place, she believes that Arab country would solve some youth employment problems pretty fast. Ethics is also one of the aspect that AICTO took it seriously.

Stuart Hamilton from IFLA addresses the issue on copy right, financial inclusion and preserve the heritage buildings and documents.

The reps from Senegal puts the ICT is now the real engines of their country economy.

Last but not least, is Indonesia policy statements. It is as follows

Indonesia Policy Statement in WSIS+10


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