About Me

ketika Jakarta disaput mendung sangat tebal di suatu hari

ketika Jakarta disaput mendung sangat tebal di suatu hari

This blog is about ideas, thoughts, and critiques blended together for a better you, better me, better life, and a better Indonesia in the future. What else you can do when you saw Jakarta was so dark as the picture told you.

Here, I just try to link all of my stuffs on media to this site. Just to ease things for you, for me, and my family in keeping it handy and informative.

Email me at: satriyaeddy@gmail.com or esatriya@ekon.go.id


Deputy Assistant for ICT and Utility,

Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs

PAIK Building 7th Floor; Jl. Lapangan Banteng Timur 2-4, Jakarta, 10310, INDONESIA




Opinion on this blog is strictly personal, it does not necessarily reflect those of my office or any affiliations.


3 Responses

  1. kami sedang mencari investor utk bangun vsat ku band di indonesia, apakah bapak punya link?

    saat ini bahkan sudah ada investor asing yang mau masuk ke jkt dgn ku bandnya, mereka hanya butuh perusahaan yang mempunyai jartub dan ijin landing right, dapatkah bapak merekomendasikan perusahaan tsb yg track recodnya baik (jangan perusahaan besar spt LA maupun csm)

  2. BUNG AJO, pls check pages Ask EDDY?

  3. Your health care hardness is important for her

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